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You can learn how to abseil on smaller cliff faces or buildings. That way you can work towards descents of over 400 feet. When comparing extreme sports vs adventure sports, I can confidently say that base jumping comes under the “extreme sport” umbrella. It typically Once they base jumpers a certain height from the ground, they deploy a parachute to perform a controlled descent.

Base jumping can also be combined with another extreme sport, wingsuiting, and is by far one of the most adrenaline intense activities on this list. Wingsuiting or wingsuit flying, is a similar extreme sport to base jumping and skydiving. The key difference that makes it unique is that jumpers that increases the surface area around the human body.

A form of rock climbing that involves climbing a steep rock face using solely one’s body strength, a rope and a safety clip to prevent major falls. Climbers move from hand hold to hand hold in either a vertical or horizontal direction along a cliff face. This is one of the most physically demanding extreme mountaineering sports available in Australia.

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It is much like free climbing, yet they Absolutely insane!! I love an adrenaline rush, but EVER!! Climbers use nothing but fantastic grip strength and a fearless determination to succeed. Solo climbing requires a lot of training and is one of the most hardcore extreme sports out there. Participants of this extreme sport will engage in daring downhill races along mountain roads and can reach speeds of 40km per hour! This is a great extreme sport for snowboarding lovers that live in a region of Australia with no snow.

The sport is one of the fastest skateboarding sports in the world with some of the top riders having reached speeds of 140km per hour. If you’re a speed junkie and love skateboarding then this could be the perfect extreme sport for you. If you’d like to gain insight into a list of extreme sports (from intense to insane), this is a great article.

And who knows, stepping outside of your comfort zone to give one of these a go, could result in some of the best memories you could have ever imagined.

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Rock climb, hang glide, motocross, skydive and do more in Utah's pretty mountains and vast deserts. Cliffs are plentiful, valleys are wide, and trails are epic. Start your adventure today. And then post the heck out of social media. Read more... Resources Extreme Sports Utah is a popular destination for people who want to engage in extreme sports - exciting adventure activities that usually carry elements of danger.

We do not provide complete how-to, where-to information. We strongly encourage people to hire licensed guides, obtain adequate information and use proper equipment when engaging in these activities.

Adventure sports travel insurance coverage, also referred to as hazardous sports or extreme sports coverage, is an optional upgrade to some Arch Roam, Right plans that provides coverage for things that can happen while participating in hazardous sports. What sports are considered adventure sports? Under Arch Roam, Right plans, these sports are considered adventure sports and require the Hazardous Sports Upgrade in order to be eligible for coverage for claimable events that happen while participating in these activities: Bungee jumping Caving/Spelunking Hang gliding Ice climbing (where ropes or guides are normally used, up to 15,000 feet) Mountaineering (where ropes or guides are normally used, up to 15,000 feet) Parachuting Paragliding/Parapenting Rock climbing (where ropes or guides are normally used, up to 15,000 feet) SCUBA diving (involving underwater breathing apparatus – OR – if PADI or NAUI certified, to depths below 130 feet) Skydiving This list is not inclusive.

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What does the adventure sports upgrade cover? The Hazardous Sports Upgrade provides coverage if you become injured while participating in any of the sports listed above. Benefits will be paid up to the maximum benefit shown under the Emergency Accident Medical Expense coverage. What sports are covered without the Hazardous Sports Upgrade? These sports are covered by most Arch Roam, Right plans and do not require adventure sports insurance: Bicycle touring Horse riding Hot air ballooning Hunting Ice skating Jet skiing Kayaking Mountain biking Parasailing* Running of the bulls Safari tours Sailing SCUBA diving (involving underwater breathing apparatus – OR – if PADI or NAUI certified, to depths above 130 feet) Sea kayaking Shark cage diving Skateboarding Skiing/Snowboarding* Snorkeling Snow mobiling Surfing Trail bike riding Tubing Tubing on snow Wakeboarding Water skiing* Whitewater kayaking Whitewater rafting Windsurfing Zip line Zorbing *Residents of New York require the Hazardous Sports Upgrade for coverage for this activity.

This upgrade is also available with our Pro and Pro Plus plans, which is only available through our partner agents.

Draw and experience the roller coaster ride of your dreams adding in twists, drops, rolls and turns…

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We relate adventure sports to itsy-bitsy activities like diving, hiking, and rafting that children and their families can easily engage in. But there are some that are meant only for the most daring of individuals. Even though there is an extreme level of danger involved in these activities that bring the person close to death, these sports truly live up to the meaning of ‘adventure’! And mind you, they’re not for the faint-hearted.

Cliff Camping – For A Thrilling Experience Have you ever slept high above the surface of the land or sea, suspended in mid-air? Or does the thought of doing that makes your tummy roll? Well, cliff camping may sound easy, but it’s one of those extremely dangerous adventure sports in the world that are best suited for experts in the field of rock climbing and rappelling.